Tasmania’s National Parks and Historic Sites

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The most valuable tool you can buy when visiting Tasmania is an information booklet called Tasmania’s National Parks and Reserves Visitors Guide. It contains a helpful list of the sixty greatest walks you can do at your leisure. Sophie and I went on countless short and long walks that were good for all fitness levels. The natural plants, animals, and trees are only the beginning of the wonders found on these walks. The waterfalls are scenic and unbelievable.

Nelson Falls, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
St. Columba Falls, North-East Tasmania

 The scenic pièce de résistance was Cradle Mountain- Lake St. Clair National Park. If you are in Tasmania, make time for this National Park. The shape of the mountain looks like a cradled baby. When viewing it from right to left, you can see the shape of the face and body of the child.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

What makes the mountain so special to me is that it is the first mountain I have ever climbed. Climbing a mountain is both physically and mentally demanding but can be done. It is very rewarding to reach the top and realize you faced a fear and did something you never thought you would be able to do.

Dove Lake

Lake St. Clair is unique in its own unspoken way and another great feature of Cradle Mountain National Park. The lake itself has an ability of melting any worries you may be carrying just by walking along it. The sand and fresh air clears the mind and leaves you at ease.

Lake St. Clair (leeawuleena)

Port Arthur is the oldest prison site in Tasmania. While it is extremely interesting for people who enjoy learning about the history of a place, be warned, the actions that took place in this prison were dark.

The poor souls that endured imprisonment were subjected to a reward and punishment system. A new way to mentally punish prisoners to their limits. Troublemakers had bags placed on their heads and were taken to a separate building to endure silent treatment. They were forced to stay silent for long periods of time. Due to the lack of sensory stimulation, the torture the inmates suffered caused them long-term mental illness. As part of the modern exhibit, screens showed pictures of sed inmates as well as voice recordings.

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

The location of this Port Arthur was cleverly picked because the area is surrounded by water, which acts as a natural barrier from any attempts to escape. In this way, it did remind me of Alcatraz in San Francisco.

Port Arthur is the site of the biggest mass shooting in Australian history. Before we began, the tour the guide mentioned that many of the current employees were present during the massacre. Out of respect for the people that lost their lives, we were asked to be sensitive about the situation and to be mindful of the words that we spoke.

Tasmania is the perfect place for two friends to hike and find themselves in nature unlike anything they have ever seen. The wonders you witness here are truly a sight to be seen!

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