Adelaide: City of Churches

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Adelaide is a lively city filled with shops, good eats, and frequent live music. The reason it is known as the city of churches is that the city itself is a symbol of tolerance and religious freedom. When the colonization of the area began, it was known as a safe haven, an escape from religious persecution. Different from most of Australia, it was settled by free colonists instead of convicts.

My highlight of Adelaide was visiting the wine country of Barossa Valley. The bold Shiraz red wine is what Australia is classically known for. There are about seventeen different types of wines offered from dry champagnes to sweet Rieslings, darker reds like merlots, and even dessert-like chocolate wines. Barossa Valley is an epic wine-tasting journey and proof that Australians have mastered wine-making in their own right.

Jacob’s Creek Visitor Center, Barossa Valley

Kies Family Wines is my personal favorite in Barossa Valley. It is the type of winery you want to go to if you want a small, intimate experience between yourself, the wine, and the wine-maker. It is a business that has been passed down for six generations. The tranquilty and the red wines won me over.

Kies Family Wines, Barossa Valley

Standing among the Adelaide Hills you’ll find the Big Rocking Horse and a toy factory. The rocking horse is just one of the many large attractions scattered throughout Australia. This rocking horse in particular is an impressive 18.3 meters high, making it the biggest rocking horse in the world!

Big Rocking Horse, Adelaide Hills

As a major chocolate lover, I was excited to discover that Haigh’s Chocolates had a factory in Adelaide which offers free tours. The tour includes a brief history of the company, a daily tasting, and an introduction of how the chocolate is created in the factory. I witnessed the assembly line making a mirage of chocolates. The different chocolates are decorated by hand by the assembly workers. One woman, in particular, was making a pink swirl over a dark chocolate cube.

Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, Adelaide
Tasting of the Day

Adelaide is home to the best wine and amazing chocolate. What more can you ask for?

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