Northern Territory: Kings Canyon

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Watarrka National Park is one of the most scenic places in the Northern Territory. The King’s Canyon resembles what can be described as a “habitable Mars”! Hiking this canyon and seeing the native wildlife is so special.

King’s Canyon, Watarrka National Park
King’s Canyon, Watarrka National Park
King’s Canyon, Watarrka National Park

The waterhole within King’s Canyon is called the Garden of Eden. It is a result of the canyon soaking up the moisture from the rain in to the rock, where it seeps into the deep gully. As its name suggests, the Garden of Eden feels like paradise within the sweltering heat. The lush greenery around the waterhole stands out in comparison the rock canyon that surrounds it.

The Garden of Eden

The Luritja people believe that the sandstone domes are kuninga men who traveled through the Watarrka area during Dreamtime. The collection of red-orange domes resembles an ancient lost city to me. It took twenty-million years of erosion from wind and rain to transform the previous valley of cube-shaped blocks into the domes they are today.

Dome City
Rock Resembling Animal Heads

As we wandered around, we came across small ripple patterns in the Mereenie sandstone. The imprints are physical proof that shallow lakes and still rivers dotted the windswept landscape millions of years ago. The long curvy pattern of this rock resembles a fingerprint, completely unique in its own way.

A Dead Sea’s Ripples

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