Townsville: A Quiet Escape

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After the excitement of skydiving, I briefly wanted to distance myself from the busyness of constantly making plans. The charming city of Townsville seemed to attract me like a moth to a flame. It is regarded as the unofficial capital of Northern Queensland as it is one of the larger metropolitan areas in the state. I found that the best way to unwind is to walk along the Ross River that goes through the central business district.

Ross River
The hill near the hostel

I enjoyed how busy yet peaceful it was in Townsville. It’s name truly matched its layout – a city with the feel of a small town. A strong sense of community showed while I visited places like Anzac Park; people sat on benches talking happily with each other. Another example is the Queens Garden, filled with groups of children smelling the roses.

Anzac Memorial Park
Queens Garden

While walking down the boardwalk, I noticed what appeared to be a spider the size of a car sitting on a web that was above a road. I was, of course, shocked yet slightly expecting something like this since I was in Queensland. Then I realized I had found the Museum of Tropical Queensland. I felt very lucky to visit while the dinosaur exhibition was on display.

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The museum featured skeletons of the dinosaurs as well as an illustration of what the animal would look like alive.

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The whole experience made me view dinosaurs differently because I thought of dinosaurs as more reptilian. Rather, they had also appeared to be bird-like dinosaurs with feathery coats and protruding beaks.

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Perc Tucker heritage listed “regional gallery” is free to public visitors. It displays art stemming from the people of North Queensland and the perspective influenced by the tropics. The collection, done by Richard Dunlop, called A Northern Survey really illustrates the landscape in a different and vibrant way. I imagine this is how the landscape would appear to us if it could show feelings through color. Each artwork seems to show a different season through a variety of color schemes and contrasting textures.

Richard Dunlop: A Northern Survey
Richard Dunlop: A Northern Survey
Richard Dunlop: A Northern Survey

While in Australia you’ll find that no matter where you are, the beaches never disappoint. I grabbed my sunscreen, towel, and a book and walked along the beach until I found the best spot to take an afternoon nap. The simple things can sometimes make the biggest difference.

The Strand Park

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