Magnetic Island

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I was giddy when I woke up at the crack of dawn to take the SeaLink ferry to Magnetic Island for a day trip. I started off the adventure by taking the bus to Horseshoe Bay. I was thrilled to find a nearly empty beach when I arrived. As expected, a dash into the cold water ended up being so refreshing.

Horseshoe Bay

If your life long dream is to spot a koala snoozing from a tree, then there is no better place to do that than on Magnetic Island. I found this little guy on the trail to the ruins, known as the Forts.

Spotted Koala #1 during the Forts walk
Spotted Koalas #2 during the Forts walk

The Forts walk was very enjoyable. The land is teeming with wildlife and structures from the past. The Forts is an old military complex left over from World War II. The whole island was a military base during that era.

A pit stop along the Forts walking trail

After the long hike we visited the wide and spacious Alma Bay. I sat on the soft sand, ate my chili in a container, and wrote about how secluded and gorgeous the island was. In the areas surrounded by never ending wilderness, it can be easy to feel as if the land is untouched and you are the first person to walk along the wild path.

Alma Bay

The last stop for the day was Picnic Bay. This smaller beach had restaurants overlooking the water. I could see the boats bobbing peacefully on the water and the palm trees swayed gracefully in the wind.

Picnic Bay
Picnic Bay at Night

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