Noosa Heads

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Visiting the coastal town of Noosa Heads on the East Coast was a defining moment of self-discovery in my journey. Something as simple as hiking and reflecting on your experiences can leave you surprised with how much truth you learn about yourself. My truth was the realization that traveling is not only something I am truly passionate about but it simply makes me very happy.

Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve

On a particularly rewarding walk, I stumbled on the sign below, featuring the koala. If there was no writing, I would have assumed it said, “This is my tree. Get lost!” solely based on the picture. The drawing is so adorable, I couldn’t help take a picture like an obvious tourist.

Koala sign

The sunset from Laguna Lookout was like a water color painting, where the colors flow together but don’t quite match. The sun’s descent seemed to take its time and then all of a sudden, it was over. I noticed in the distance that you could see clouds of smoke coming from fires. To prepare for the summer months, Australians burn dry and dead vegetation so there is less of a risk for wildfires.

Laguna Lookout

For most of my first afternoon at Noosa Main Beach, I tried learning how to surf with a borrowed surf board from the hostel. I remember having a blast while trying to keep my balance while lying flat on the surf board, watching the surf board fly out from under my feet, and continuously getting pummeled wave after wave. In spite of how difficult it is (especially in the beginning), surfing is a lot of fun and a good way to laugh at yourself.

Noosa National Park is an incredible conservation area filled with rare and unique species of flaura and fauna. A range of hiking trails from easy to difficult makes this ideal for all outdoors enthusiasts of all ages.

Noosa National Park #1
Noosa National Park #2

Hells Gates was an excellent viewpoint to gaze out to the sea and provides a great opportinity to spot more wildlife. My group and I were able to spot two pods of dolphins swimming against the current. The pods were a mixture of dolphins jumping playfully out of the water and popping their fins out of the sea.

Hells Gates – Noosa National Park

Formerly known as the Witches Cauldron, Boiling Pot Lookout is an interesting rock near the shore that looks to me like a separated puzzle piece. The bubbly foam that the waves create while splashing over the rocks resembles boiling water.

Boiling Pot Lookout – Noosa National Park

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