Byron Bay

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Byron Bay is a coastal town with beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and street art. After visiting for a while, it becomes very apparent that there is a strong community bond. For example, I noticed that every visit to Byron Bay Beach was filled large groups of people playing music, surfing, and having animated conversations with one another.

Byron Bay Beach

My favorite coffee shop in Byron Bay has to be the Coffee Box. What makes this coffee shop unique is that it gives disadvantaged women a chance to gain work experience within their community. The training and experience that they develope help them transition to employment opportunities in the future.

The Coffee Box

The Byron Community Centre allows local artists to display their work in the sitting area of the Coffee Box. This is important because it shows that the entire community cares about the voices of the artists and shows that their work should not be understated. It creates a space where visitors can experience and appreciate the local art. The simple joy of sipping a cappuccino and contemplating what message the art is trying to say is the perfect way to treat yourself in the morning.

The Coffee Box – Sitting area

During the afternoon, my friends and I decided to borrow the hostel bikes and ride to the Farm. The Farm is a place you can visit that educates you on living a sustainable lifestyle through the humble profession of farming. My favorite area was the field of walnut trees. I felt like a kid again, scavenging for hard cased walnuts and using the metal nutcrackers to crush the casing.

The Farm

I highly recommend waking up early and hiking up to the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. The view of Cape Byron is especially beautiful during sunrise.

Cape Byron
Cape Byron Lighthouse

Being on the most easterly point of mainland Australia feels like a huge accomplishment itself.

Most Easterly Point of Australia

If you enjoy hikes along the beach then I suggest visiting Arakwal National Park to get to Tallow Beach. The wind and waves are so intense that the ocean produces giant waves nonstop. The sand looks like it is constantly moving as well because it is filled with thousands of sand colored tiny crab.

Tallow Beach (Arakwal National Park)

If you walk towards the Cape Byron Lighthouse, you will find yourself on the other side of it which, funnily enough, is called the Cozy Corner.

The Cozy Corner (Arakwal National Park)

What I enjoyed most when walking through town is seeing the street art. The style of art was definitely unique in its own way, but the colors were always vibrant. I love that the people of Byron Bay value such creativity.

Mermaid and I
Bee Fence & Flower Bench
Trees with Knit Sleeves

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