Nimbin: The Cannabis Capital of Australia

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I first found out about the village of Nimbin through word of mouth while atByron Bay. The Happy Coach tour bus can drive you over to Nimbin for a day trip. I was very intrigued by the cannabis culture that Nimbin! It apparently is widely known because cannabis is illegal everywhere else in the country.

Happy Coach Bus

In 1973, the Australian Union of Students planned a large gathering known as the Aquarius Festival. This festival was unlike any other, as it was focused on celebrating sustainable lifestyle and alternative thinking through counter-cultural arts and music. What went on during the festival must have created strong bonds because afterward, hundreds of the participants ended up staying. The ten day event ended up being the beginning of Australia’s hippie movement.

The Nimbin Good Times

I find it very commendable that the Aquarius Festival in Nimbin was the first event where permission was asked of the Whyabul clan first before proceeding with the event. The participants of the festival made genuine efforts at reconciliation with the traditonal owners of the land.

Aboriginal Painting at the Park

Within the first five minutes of us visiting Nimbin, random people from different street corners asked us if we wanted to buy weed. It was incredible! It’s as if Nimbin is a different world outside of Australia because people were selling and smoking weed in the open.

Nimbin’s Bizzarre
Nimbin’s Apothecary

Every where you looked, you would either see the cannabis leaf or tie dye decorations.

Clever Cannabis Sign
Best Nimbin Postcard Ever

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