The Rainbow Temple: A Peaceful Sanctuary

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I am very lucky I was able to visit the Rainbow Temple because I didn’t know it existed until my good friend decided to drive us there after our Nimbin day trip. The Rainbow Temple is an extraordinary place that welcomes people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life. It was built by Guy Feldmann, a very kind man, who welcomed us with open arms as soon as we arrived.

The Rainbow Temple at First Glance

After speaking with him I determined that his goal was to generously offer a place to anyone who comes to the temple. He wants help the fellow human express themselves as a form of love and healing. He believes that everyone is a part of the same world and universe and that we should all strive to live with one another peacefully.

The Rainbow Temple Vision

I wholeheartedly agree with this belief. I think seperation is an illusion and we are all one. When I visit different countries, I feel I am really visiting different parts of the same world that we all have a right to live in peacefully.

The Values

I was astounded by the work and love Guy put in to this place. There was a shed that had building materials because the temple is a constant work in progress. The floors had adjoining beds with no windows, but the walls did have decorative curtains. The kitchen is an outdoor area with a roof that has multiple stoves, skillets, and a fire place. My favorite spot was the outdoor area with a hammock and hula hoops hanging on the wall.

Outdoor Area

The Rainbow Temple is a gorgeous example of what the entire world should strive for.

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