Nelson Lakes National Park

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As we continued along the South Island, Nelson Lakes National Park was an area many deemed to be a natural masterpiece. When I arrived, I understood why the locals kept this National Park in such high regard; it was so incredible! It was the type of view people wait lifetimes to see. The National Park has a range of hiking trails for all levels with different views of Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotoroa.

The lakes were formed by multiple glaciers from the most recent ice age, some of which are still intact and surround the landscape. For this reason, I passed the opportunity to swim in the lake. The brave souls that did make the leap screamed in shock as soon as they entered the water. As odd as it sounds I loved the way the water in the lake reflected the light. It seemed special somehow, as if it had an other worldly iridescent crystal quality.

The area I visited, in particular, is known as Kerr Bay, which is a part of Lake Rotoiti. Interestingly enough, a Māori legend describes the lakes being formed by a chief named Rakaihaitu digging holes with his stick. The small hole became Lake Rotoiti and the large hole became Lake Rotoroa.

What a wonderful world we live in!

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