Cape Foulwind

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When I stepped foot on the seemingly average looking parking lot, with the cool sea breeze swaying in the wind, nothing could prepare me for the lightning shock that came with the spectacular view that comes in to focus when making your way up the Cape Foulwind walkway. 

The prominent headland located on the West Coast of New Zealand reminded me of the unequivocal beauty of nature that evokes the childlike imagination within all of us. My thoughts seemed to be spinning. I found myself wishing that a moment in this place would last an eternity, always and forever watching the waves of the Tasman Sea crash in to the multi-colored rock bed.

Viewing the camouflaged New Zealand fur seal colony at a distance started a game of “Where’s Waldo?” in my head. It’s safe to say I was not the best considering the rocks had to move for me to realize it was a seal… I highly recommend binoculars for this outing.

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