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My friend Dora decided to embark on her next travel adventure by studying abroad in Germany. So, of course, a group of girlfriends and I decided to have a wine filled weekend trip to Sonoma. It was a way of saying goodbye for now and have an opportunity to laugh with wine in hand and forget our responsibilities for a moment. Wine country in California is a force to be reckoned with.

The first winery we set our sights on was the French-inspired Cline’s Family Cellars. The zinfandels they carry are hearty and rich, which is one of their specialties. It became a new favorite of mine and was a genuine delight to taste. The winery itself conducts free tours for visitors to witness how wine production is managed. This particular winery received quite a bit of notoriety when it made the “50 Great Producers Every Wine Lover Should Know” list.

Cline Cellars also pays homage to the historical significance of the missionary roots with the California Missions Museum – an effort made in collaboration with Cline Cellars, Cannard Fund of the General Vallejo Memorial Association, and Annex to the Sonoma Valley Historical Site. The sign that greets guests reads, “The Last Mission: At this site, on July 4th, 1823 Father Altimira set up a camp altar and planted the holy cross. The troops fired a volley, and the padre sang in adoration of the cross. A mass was celebrated in gratitude, and the place was named San Francisco Solano. The mission was later built at its present site in Sonoma.” This was the twenty-first, and last, mission built in California.

Jacuzzi is an Italian-styled villa with a wine menu that adopts the tastes from the region. It is also home to the first olive press in Sonoma. The tasting was delicious, but the best part had to be saved for last. I am not sure if this is a common dessert wineries present to their guests, but we were given chocolate shots of wine for the end of the tour. It was an incredibly new way to enjoy the perfect pair!

Since this was a wine weekend, we all felt like fancy ladies in need for a celebratory finish. SIGH is a champagne bar located in the heart of Sonoma Plaza. The variety of sparkling wine range from sweet to a nice bitter aftertaste that only dry champagne can really make you enjoy. I loved the modern decor and classy champagne colored drapery. It definitely brings an elegant and high-class ambiance to the atmosphere. A quote by Dom Perignon shown on one of the mirrors said it best, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”

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